RABBIDS HEROES – Concept Characters

Ubisoft’s Mobile Game

Here is a post to make focus on my concepts for the game “Rabbids Heroes”. Below, some examples of characters I sketched and than that other artists produced in 3D (in low and high poly).

Mission : Character designer


Knight: This chacater is an hand-to-hand tanker. Strong but slow, he is inspired by medfan universe.



Ninja: He is a rusher specialized in backstab. He is furtive but weak.



Wizard: He is a zoner who can throw fire projectiles. He needs to keep a big distance with his opponent.



Hunter: he is a zoner too, but he’s is crafty as a bounty hunter who install traps. His inspiration is a mix between post apocalyptic  ansd steampunk.
Mastermind: he is a modern crazy scientist.
Pirate: he is a kind of Baron Samedi, lost in his island.