Ubisoft’s Mobile Game
SL Release : 07/2016

Rabbids Heroes is a tactical card game for mobile devices, based on the new crossover universe of Rabbids.
It is a battle card game with the specificity than you can play directly with 3D rabbids in the playing field. You can choose between many heroes – they all have a different type of play style. There’s 200 cards to collect, and you build a 20 card deck that you take into battle to customize your Rabbids hero. You can play by yourself, challenge any of your friends, or fight in a PVP arena.

Job : Art Director

I was in charge of the art direction of this game, including marketing assets (key art, promotional screens…). My main mission was to create a visual identity of a new crossover universe of Rabbids. For it, I had :

  • to work closely with core team (producer, creative director…),
  • to lead an artist team based on site (France): 2D and 3D artists, UI artist and marketing artists,
  • to lead brainstorm and provide first sketches for cards concepts.
  • to lead an outsourced artist team (China): 2D and 3D artists,
  • design character and background, to design main screens, found graphic solutions…
  • to answer challenge from game designers and respect constraints of technical team.


The distinctive characteristic of this game was the simultaneous production of 3D ingame assets and CG assets. One of the challenge was to converge ingame art (arena, low poly characters…) with 3D rendering pictures (cards, game introduction, high poly characters…).



There were 200 card concepts  to create. I leaded brainstorms, made quick sketches and, helped by artist team, I sent many briefs for outsourced studio.



Furthermore I had to produce main assets for the visual id (logo, style guilde…).



With marketing team, I supervised the trailer production, despite low budget.